“I am God’s vessel. But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.” You’re probably all too familiar with Kanye West’s often egotistical self-praise. Love him or loathe him, there’s something to be said for his unwavering confidence. But how do you promote yourself without sounding self-obsessed?

Whether you’re working a 9-to-5, an aspiring entrepreneur or running your own business you must promote yourself. How else will your manager or your customers know of your amazing ability? Quiet mouths don’t get fed.The below tried and tested methods will help you feel more comfortable in promoting yourself.

Five Ways to Promote Yourself

Build Credibility

When you google your name, what comes up? Are you seen as one of the best in your industry? If not, think about the skills you need to master. You’ll feel much more comfortable to promote yourself when you know your stuff.

Create Great Content

Consistently add value to your community. Don’t follow the crowd. The best online profiles provide unique content to their audience.  Sharing informative, original content that’s of interest to your audience plays a big part in becoming influential in the social world.

It’s Not About You

The needs and interests of your audience should be at the center of most of your content. Personal anecdotes will help build a rapport, but mix them with other content so it’s not all about you.

Stay Ready (So You Don’t Need To Get Ready!)

As an entrepreneur, customer testimonials will help promote your work without feeling too Kanye about it. Consistently seek feedback from your customers and eventually your brand will sell itself. If you’re in the corporate world, don’t wait until your annual appraisal to rush around collecting feedback. Get feedback on an ongoing basis so you’re ready to effectively promote yourself come review time.

Be Humble

Choose the right time to talk about your achievements and ensure the conversation is two-way. If your friend confides in you that she’s having trouble paying her rent, it’s not the best time to brag about the big pay check you got from a new client.

So what’s the first step? Set some goals and take action towards them each day. This will gradually build momentum. Let’s get to work!

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