As an entrepreneur or an employee whether you like it or not, a large part of your time should be spent pitching. Below are five pitching mistakes to avoid to ultimately boost success.

Products, services, your ideas – all should be shared with the world. But how? Your ability to master pitching to influence others is crucial. A powerful pitch will leave others wanting to do business with you.

Five Pitching Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Lack of Clarity

Not being crystal clear on your ideal client and how your offering will benefit them is a common mistake. The more specific you get, the more targeted you’ll be. Get out there and speak to your ideal clients. What are their pain points? Do thorough research. That way you can tailor your offering to address their needs.

  1. Wrong Time

If you’re pitching someone who is distracted or in a rush then it doesn’t matter how good your pitch is. Make sure you have the person’s undivided attention. If unsure, ask if now is a good time to speak. Reschedule to a convenient time if necessary.

  1. Making it All About You

Focus on the benefits. It’s fine to add a few personal anecdotes but you want the person you’re pitching to have a clear sense of the benefit they’ll gain from buying your product or working with you. Otherwise you’re unlikely to get them on side. Always focus on the needs of the customer, rather than making the pitch about you.

  1. Inconsistency

If you only pitch on the days you feel like it, your results will reflect that.  Identify when you feel at your best then devote that time to the most important tasks of the day. I’m a morning person for example, so I use the mornings to pitch. Create a list of your ideal targets and get on the phone every day. Be sure to follow up.

  1. Lack of Rapport

Nothing beats building a rapport in person. You’re able to read a person’s body language and get a strong sense of who they are. Try to attend two or three networking events a week as a way to build a rapport with like-minded people. If an in person meeting with a potential client isn’t an option do a video call. Least that way you can still see them.

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