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Ready to create exciting opportunities and become more influential? The Personal Brand Bible for Ambitious Women: Featuring Success Secrets from Six-Figure Trailblazers is for you. It’s the ultimate blueprint to building a stellar reputation in your industry, networking like a pro and using publicity and partnerships to elevate your message, with checklists at the end of each chapter to help you stay on track.

Packed with practical ideas and advice, author Marielle Legair shares insights from her career as a global communications strategist and founder of Women Who Influence, a personal branding and publicity firm for female entrepreneurs. It also includes words of wisdom from trailblazing women such as 24-year-old founder and CEO of OMG Detox and CEO of Boss Babe, Natalie Diver; Tonya Rapley, founder and CEO of My Fab Finance; and Oxford-educated finance lawyer, Nana Darko.

Whether you’re looking to boost sales in your business or land a new job, you cannot afford to blend in; you must do everything you can to stand out.

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Pearls of wisdom from
The Personal Brand Bible
For Ambitious Women

Get clear on your niche. Find out who you need to appeal to. What’s your core message? What do you stand for?

Natalie Diver

Founder & CEO of OMG Detox
CEO of Boss Babe

Consistency is essential, especially early on. While you’re building your business, you need to be everywhere your audience turns. Your presence needs to be undeniable.

Tonya Rapley

Founder & CEO of MyFabFinance

Socialize with others who are building businesses. When I first stated, I worked from home which was isolating. It’s important to carve out downtime.

Sammy Aki

Founder of The Groom Style Consultant

A personal brand is something that is built over time rather than overnight. Focus more on working hard and doing good, quality work.

Nana Darko

Oxford-educated finance lawyer

Create a unique brand identity. Pick a color that you want to be associated with, once that resonates with you and your brand.

Niyc Pidgeon

Global Success Coach and Author

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