My Story

Hey! I’m Marielle. Thanks for stopping by to learn more about me.

I’ve recently moved back to London after six amazing years living in New York. I’m a lover of business, books, travel and food (lots of it..haha!). Storytelling has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. It’s no surprise that today, I help ambitious women like you, build credibility and become better known for your expertise. 

My other passions include: Family & friends (whatsapp helps me feel less homesick); health & fitness (especially HIIT to de-stress!); books (currently reading ‘Tools of Titans,’ by Tim Ferriss); Italy (Almafi Coast + pizza, anyone?); personal development (I could sit and listen to Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins for hours); and chocolate (oh man, I can demolish a bar in seconds!).

Follow my entrepreneurial journey below to find out more about me. You can achieve anything you set your mind to! You’re here and ready to take action, so I already know you’ve big dreams for yourself and your business.

By taking small, consistent steps, you can and will reap significant rewards

Follow My Journey

Jan 2010

Quarter Life Crisis

Feeling stuck and in a rut, I quit my PR job and book a one way ticket to Brazil. I didn’t tell my parents until I’d booked the plane ticket but I needed to make a big change.  I spend a month traveling around Rio and Salvador. Best decision ever! Steve Jobs once said “you can only connect the dots looking backwards” – I didn’t realize at the time that this trip was teaching me the importance of not letting fear ever get in the way.  

September 2011

 Visit New York on Vacation

An even bigger life change was on the horizon two years after Brazil: a move to New York. It was never a city I’d planned to move to, but I fell in love with NYC’s amazing energy on this trip. “It’s unrealistic”, was the typical response from people when I told them I wanted to live in Brooklyn. 

December 2011

Create a Vision Board

Sat home on New Year’s Eve, I create my first vision board laying out images of the big goals I want to achieve in 2012.  I stick an image I had taken of me walking down the street in Brooklyn on the board, as motivation and got to work to turn my NYC dream into a reality.

July 2012

Land a Job Interview in Manhattan

After months of daily visualization, networking and strategizing, I secure an interview with the New York office of the global firm I was working at in London. I’m beyond excited – my dream is coming true!

New York New York

December 2013

Corporate America…

After a year working in corporate America, I begin to feel stuck. I listen to Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins daily to keep my spirits up.

September 2014

Do Speaking Engagements

Begin building my personal brand through networking and speaking engagements.

February 2015

Approached by Yale University

Guest speaker at Yale’s Women in Leadership conference. Definitely a bucket-list moment!


January 2016

Leave Firm

Green card is approved in record time.

March 2016

Launch PR Consulting Business

I launch a basic website. I have limited budget to create a proper brand identity – so I work with a designer to create a functional website.

November 2016

NYPL PR Masterclass

Host a sold out PR Masterclass at the historic New York Public Library, where I’d seen one of my business idols, Marie Forleo speak the week prior – another bucket list moment!

June 2017

Launch Women Who Influence

Now the fun begins!