Ready to share your powerful message with the world?

Perhaps you’re wondering what it really takes to stand out in your industry, create amazing opportunities for your business and get featured in the media?

I get it. It can be so frustrating when you’re awesome at what you do, but no one knows about you (yet!).

If this sounds like you, I’ve got good news.

I’d like to formally introduce Impact and Influence, an 8-week coaching program specifically designed for ambitious women ready to make their mark and blaze a trail in their industry.

The program is exactly what you need to build your personal brand to help position yourself as an industry expert, which in turn will support your business growth in profit and reputation.

These are the techniques I’ve used in my decade long international PR career to help clients become industry-famous, get booked for high-profile speaking engagements, work with brands and get featured in Forbes, BBC and so many more top tier media outlets.

Outlined below is a road map for the program detailing what will be covered on a week-by-week basis. Working together, we’ll make magic happen.

As a result of proactively building your personal brand, you’ll have increased:


You can rest assured that you’re not leaving your destiny in anyone else’s hands as you will have taken all the steps to secure your business (and brand!) to put your best foot forward.


Once you know how to pitch yourself to potential clients, media and brands, in a way that leaves them excited to work with you, the world truly is your oyster.


A strong personal brand will not only skyrocket your reputation, you’ll be seen as a thought leader in your niche

Amazing, right? But maybe you’re not there just yet. Maybe you’re currently feeling like everyone else in your industry is soaring ahead and has lots of amazing opportunities being handed to them.

Many of the women approach me to help them, because they’re:


You know you’re destined for something great, but you lack the clarity and guidance to drill down on your message


Your business is amazing but because no-one knows about you, you’re worried about where your next sale will come from.


You’re tired of trying to figure it all out alone. You’d much rather stick to working in your zone of genius rather than stretching past your skills, wasting your precious time on stuff you know nothing about


One thing I know for sure, is that there is so much out there for you. The path to giving your confidence a boost, creating more opportunities and building a solid reputation in your industry are closer than you think.


  • 1) A step-by-step system that will guide you through how to go from unknown to known in your industry
  • 2) A no BS guide, from someone who has been there, done that

Plus, a supportive tribe of like-minded women on the same mission as you. Let’s face it entrepreneurship can be a lonely ride unless you’re around others who get it.

Here’s ONE key thing I’ve learned throughout my decade long international PR career:

“Your value does decrease based upon someone’s inability to see your worth.”

Contrary to popular belief. This is true in business.

Think of any person you know with a strong personal brand, their value add is clear to see. Oprah, the person in your industry with all the online mentions, even your fave restaurant!

If someone doesn’t see your worth, guess what?

They’ll shop around. They won’t trust you can help them and they definitely will not buy from you.

“No-one cares about how much value you place on yourself, they care how much value they recognize,” Daniel Priestley.

The good news is, that you have the power to demonstrate your value. Sure you can spend your time posting on social media all day – but they won’t yield the results you need.

You catapult your success by constructing a powerful pitch, creating amazing content that wows your audience, being featured in the media, speaking on stages and through strategic partnerships.

From doing these things, your impact and influence will be clear to see.


I worked with Marielle for 90 days. During our time together, she helped me laser in on my key message, showed me how to find relevant journalists in my niche and how to effectively pitch to them. These efforts helped me land my first major featured in FORBES!!! Thank you, Marielle for your patience, wealth of knowledge and expertise. I’m so incredibly grateful for you and the work you do for women.” Jennifer Vassel, author of the I am Unique book series.

Jennifer Vassel

Author of the I am Unique book series

When it comes to public relations, Marielle is the real deal. She’s crafted a compelling story about my company that peaked the interest of various premier media outlets including The New York Times and Wall Street Journal. More recently, Marielle did a great job as a moderator at the annual RIISE Parent Power conference. I’d be happy to recommend her services.

Gina Parker Collins

Founder, Resources In Independent School Education (RIISE)

Marielle really knows her stuff. As my mastermind buddy and go-to PR expert, she’s really helped me get clear on my story angles and how to best position myself to media.

Kirsty Carden

Business and Success Coach

Marielle is highly creative in her approach to PR. She does a stellar job in helping position ColorComm as the leading communications network for professional women of color among media and influencers. I’m more than happy to recommend her expertise.

Lauren Wesley Wilson

Founder, ColorComm Inc

Marielle took time to learn about my business and suggested lots of useful ways for me to expand my reach. After our session, I felt much clearer on how to set up my PR campaign and who to pitch my story to. Thanks, Marielle!

Julia Schneider

Wellness Coach

Marielle has given several public relations lectures at Hofstra University. She continually delivers sound insights on doing PR across borders and actionable advice to help the students succeed in their PR careers.

Kara Alaimo

Lawrence Herbert School of Communication, Hofstra University

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Hey I’m Marielle.

I underestimated just how important my personal brand would be, when I started my business in 2016.

Sure, I’d spent the last decade working at global companies supporting CEOs to get publicity, but when it came to promoting myself, it’s not something I’d initially gave much thought to. I was used to being behind the scenes.

I thought it was enough just to have a nice website and a few business cards…lol.

Then I invested in a mentor who helped me get my act together.

I began to take building my brand seriously as an entrepreneur.

Up until that point, I used to question: Why do I need to put myself out there? I’m an introvert, I don’t want to be seen.

In the short space of time that I began producing content, something magical started to happen. I started getting booked for speaking gigs and getting featured in the media.

People would send messages online telling me they had read my articles. Yale University, (yes, the Ivy League school) approached me after reading one of my articles online and invited me to speak at their Women’s Conference!

I’ve since got myself and my clients featured in top magazines like Forbes, the BBC, Black Enterprise and The Huffington Post.

I help my clients drill down on who they are at their core, to really show the impact they make.

The best bit is, I’m doing what I love every single day: Working with amazing women globally to help them share powerful messages with the world.


Put simply, I get results and I know my stuff.

Sure there are a thousand of publicists out there, but most don’t combine the personal brand element which is key for any entrepreneur in business today.

Plus, I infuse my decade-long international expertise gained working in London and New York at some of the largest companies in the world, with my entrepreneurial expertise.

Being a Brit who moved to the bright lights of New York City where I knew no-one, I know exactly what it takes to build a brand from the ground up.

I wrote my first book, The Personal Brand Bible for Ambitious Women in November 2017 and have already had amazing press and speaking opportunities presented to me as a result.

So you’re in good hands!

Ready to dive in?

What’s included in Impact and Influence?

You’ll learn my step-by-step to stand out in your industry, even if…

  • You don’t have a fancy website
  • You don’t have a little black book of industry contacts
  • No-one knows about you yet
  • You don’t currently feel confident putting yourself out there
  • You’ve never pitched yourself to media before

As part of the coaching program, you’ll get:

  • A robust step-by-step system to go from unknown to known in your industry
  • 8 weeks of coaching calls where I’ll review your work and answer all of your questions
  • Access to a Facebook community of like-minded ambitious women to bounce ideas off and hold you accountable
  • All of the cheat sheets including the pitches I’ve used to get my clients in Forbes, BBC and CNBC etc, the sponsorship proposals I’ve used to secure food and drink sponsorship and my speaker kit
  • Weekly fun sheet of actions for you to complete at the end of each module


Each module is packed with content to help you go from having no clearly defined brand to knowing exactly how to position and pitch yourself – to anyone! It’s packed with tons of juicy content that I’ve used to help CEOs and entrepreneurs and freelancers shine.


No matter who you are, you must learn to standout in a global market. But first you must know what you want and why you do what you do. You have so much more power to position yourself as a thought leader in your niche because today, everybody is a publisher. But the question remains the same, where is your audience and what is the best way to reach them. This module will show you exactly how.

You’ll learn:

  • Get clear on what you want and the why behind what you do
  • The most effective way to tell your story to captivate your audience
  • How to communicate the value you add in a way that gets people excited


If you’re googled and nothing comes up that establishes you as an expert it’s a problem. The two sets of people you want to impress when you’re googled are potential clients and journalists. You need to look the part to leave people excited to work with you! You’re a mover and shaker in your niche (or will be one day!). This module will show you how to prepare to become one.

You’ll learn:

  • How to share your ‘who’ and your ‘why’
  • Your personal brand and mission statement
  • The problem you help solve in your business
  • The mindset you need to develop for self promotion


Now you’re prepared for promotion, you need to capture their attention through creating killer content. Engaging content will not only position you to become more influential, it will help you remain front of mind with your clients and customers.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create a robust content plan (so you’re not fumbling around each week)
  • How to use awareness days and key dates to generate content ideas for your blog/vlog, email newsletter, social media updates and the press
  • How to reverse engineer your content with your ideal client in mind
  • How to repurpose your existing content so you’re not constantly reinventing the wheel


LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media platforms you can use to showcase your expertise and cultivate professional relationships to build your personal brand. Every professional company or decision-maker you can think of is on there, so you must be too.

You’ll learn:

  • How to write a strong LinkedIn profile using key words that gets you noticed
  • The type of content you should be sharing on LinkedIn
  • How to find people relevant to your industry to connect with
  • Tools to automate your outreach on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn dos and don’ts of using LinkedIn


Hosting your own event or speaking on a panel will quickly position you as an authority. Speaking is also a great way to put you in front of your ideal client. This module will uncover how to prepare your speaker kit and how to proactively find and pitch yourself for speaking gigs.

You’ll learn:

  • How to host your own event to position yourself as the go-to expert
  • How to get clear on your speaking topics and how to pitch yourself as a speaker
  • Where to network and speak in order to meet the right audience
  • Where to find and pitch yourself for speaking opportunities


During my first year in business, I secured sponsorship from high profile brands which massively helped reinforce my credibility and expertise. Aligning yourself with brands will take your company to the next level and open you up to more opportunities. This module will show you exactly how and you’ll receive the pitch deck I’ve used to secure sponsorship with high profile brands.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create a sponsorship deck to pitch your ideal brand
  • The one thing you must include in your deck
  • Where to find sponsors aligned to your brand


Publicity is a critical element of your business. Executed properly, it can take you to a global audience overnight. During this module you’ll learn how the media works and how to get started with getting featured in the media.

You’ll learn:

  • The potential power of local and niche media
  • What makes a good story in the eyes of a journalist
  • The parts of your story you should be playing up
  • How to use media enquiry services to get featured in the media
  • What makes a good guest blog to mainstream sites


After learning the basic fundamentals of how the media works, you’re now ready to start pitching media! I’ll share the pitch templates I’ve used to get my clients featured in top media outlets such as the BBC, Forbes, Huffington Post and more, so you’ll know exactly what to include in your pitch.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create the perfect story angle for your business
  • The components of a press release (and what makes a good one!)
  • How to find the right media to pitch your story
  • Getting print, broadcast and online media coverage
  • The news cycle and how to make it work for you


We will also have masterclasses from a guest expert on the following topic:

A Business and Success Coach to help program your mind for unstoppable success

Kirsty works with women to help them create a life and business that truly reflects them and their unique gifts.  She goes deep into creating powerful manifesting mindsets, a distinctive online brand, attracting their own tribes and create powerful content. Community and relationships are at the heart of EVERYTHING she does!

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