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Why Writing 10 Ideas a Day Will Boost Creativity

By 19/01/2016 No Comments

A simple idea executed well can change the world. But how does one come up with good ideas to boost creativity? As a creative, I struggle sometimes to come up with fresh ideas; which can be frustrating.  This began to change when I started working through the Become an Idea Machine book, by writing 10 ideas a day to keep my creative muscle pumping.

Writing 10 Ideas a Day Will Boost Creativity

Co-author of the book, James Altucher, notes that his life only began to change for the better when he committed to writing 10 ideas a day. This enabled him to quickly reinvent himself; bringing fresh perspectives and new ideas not only to his own life but those in his network. His brutal honesty and openness is what has me reading his work everyday.

Since writing 10 ideas each day, I’ve noticed my ability to think more creatively.  I’m becoming an idea machine!

Altucher says:  “What are the benefits of having a functional idea muscle? You will become an idea machine. No matter what situation you are in, what problem you see in front of you, what problems your friends and colleagues have, you will have nonstop solutions for them. And when your idea muscle is at its peak performance, your ideas will actually be good, which again means you will be able to create the life you want to lead.”

How about you? What techniques do you use to stay creative?

**This is not a sponsored ad.  This book is just very helpful to me, so thought to share!**

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